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The simple ‘rediscovered’ art of recognising and thanking someone for a job well done lies behind a remarkable rise in customer satisfaction (C-sat) scores achieved by contracted staff working across Thames Water’s compulsory metering programme. The results followed the adoption ...
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You may never have heard of Herb Kelleher, who passed away in January this year aged 87, but you will most definitely have been on the receiving end of a service phenomenon instigated by Kelleher. Kelleher was the co-founder and ...
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Metro Bank came top of the charts in an independent survey conducted by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). This followed a regulatory inquiry into the banking sector. CMA posed the classic Net Promoter Score question, how likely are you ...
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If all you ever ask for are complaints, then all you will ever get are complaints! Every quality system in the world demands that customers are provided with a mechanism for providing feedback. Unfortunately, the minimum is a "Complaints System" ...
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When easyJet had to switch planes because of a technical issue, one of their passengers was thrown off. Switching from an A320 to a smaller plane meant that easyJet flight 6149 from Bristol to Geneva was overbooked by one passenger ...
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